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“Marketing, as opposed to sales, focusses more on the customer experience with the brand, while sales focusses on the customer experience with the product.” The Marketing Guru
Media Bandits Blog - Down The Digital Marketing Avenue

The concept of customer experience has been constantly evolving. The rate of evolution has increased almost exponentially in the last three decades with the advent of mass communication (satellite TV, reduced cost of print media, the internet and now, social media). Companies and brands increasingly relying on the digital approach to provide new experiences to customers. Providing brand and product information dynamically, through digital media makes this process a captivating experience. Digital billboards are now being utilised more, and being utilised more effectively, using software solutions and smart technology to deliver unique visual and interactive customer experiences.

A key driver in the marketing value chain is the ability to derive a competitive advantage from the customer brand experience process. A good experience provides (for the customer) a measure of differentiation when comparing to other brands and companies. Digital is being used more frequently, across more locations and in more creative ways to bring this differentiated customer experience. Digital interfaces (screens, touchscreen etc.) allow creativity to be used intelligently and unlike traditional billboards and posters, tend to enhance the customer experience. Marketing trends are showing that by opting for digital signage and interfaces, brands are not only creating new interactive experiences, but also engaging the target audience in a more flexible and cost-effective way.

The increase in entrepreneurship has seen an almost meteoric rise in the emergence of new brands and products being born, to which, obviously, the attention of consumers must be drawn. Companies recognize that brand noticeability is a source of value to the brand. The more recognition, noticeability and visibility there is, the more the brand value increases. Brands and companies are seeing the need to adapt to a new, more demanding and digital customer and consumer environment. Everybody, from start-ups to traditional distributors and display providers, everyone is looking for the next innovation they can invest in, to increase visibility, brand recognition, brand promotion, and ultimately, sales volumes and revenue increases. The medium that seems best to meet these demands, at a reasonable and feasible return on investment, and most importantly, meets (exceeds?) customer expectations, while simultaneously creating the required “brand impact” is digital.

Digital also allows ease of connection (internet, GSM, etc.) and the ability to collect and analyse data in real time. The obvious benefit is the increase in efficiency and the ability to collect, analyse and interpret data in real time and thus react to customer needs in real time too. Integrating real time data (from real time customer interaction) with smart (AI based) software solutions means that the digital marketing landscape has created an opportunity for almost limitless options and opportunities in terms of innovative marketing and product/service solutions.

Digital solutions have evolved exponentially over the last decade – going way beyond a “TV Screen with a USB” to today include HD & 4k digital displays, touch screens, smart boards, video walls, mall navigation aids, 3D image projections, hanging banners and a whole plethora of digital mediums; all smart, all real time, all connected, and most importantly, all adding value to your brand and business. What is needed by every brand and business, is an organisation that is able to harness your brand’s underlying potential and fuse your brand potential with a digital solution that will take your brand to the next level, and that’s where we come in. Drop us a line and let’s look at a solution.


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