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“It ain't much I'm asking, I heard him say Gotta find me a future move out of my way I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now” Freddy Mercury & Queen – I Want it All
Media Bandits Blog - Digital with Benefits

Freddy Mercury and Queen have summed up the modern, digital-age consumer in the best way possible – “I want it all and I want it now.” Time is money, and in today’s real time, digitally connected global village, time is no longer just money, but rather, time makes money, and time saves money too.

Target markets, even within the same LSM group, in the same location – even the very same people, have constantly changing needs. Even the time of day brings a change in need – breakfast vs brunch vs lunch vs supper – 1 customer, 1 place, 4 needs based purely on the change in the time of day. Successful brand managers and marketing experts have noted this paradigm shift in business, markets and most importantly, in consumer mindsets, are seeing the value of “speeding up” the process and “real-timing” campaigns. The need for “speeding up” and “real-timing” has also created the need for an advertising and marketing medium that has the facility to incorporate these needs into the customer experience. That medium is digital – the digital platforms that are on offer to you to bring up to date information and offerings to your customer in real time.

Digital media has a tremendous logistics advantage over traditional paper-based media in that digital is a lot more easily deployable than paper. While paper-based media is reliant upon design & layout, proofing, printing, distribution, warehousing and then circulation (a multi-day process), digital has the capacity to achieve the same results in a matter of minutes (literally). In a few clicks, your advertisements, messages and offerings can be optimized and displayed to suit the ever-changing needs of, and in direct reaction to your target market. The digital content can also easily be sent and deployed to other sites in a matter of minutes. Cloud based platforms and software solutions allow effortless collaboration, seamless creation, instant deployment and real-time maintenance of existing and upcoming ads via various remote user interfaces. These digital display solution suites also allow creative and marketing teams to utilise a multitude of web-based management systems to upload, edit and schedule content from any browser, anywhere in the world, at any time, in real time.

Another of the digital signage benefits (though often overlooked and under-utilised), is that software solutions and management platforms that drive the digital signage outputs, allows users to aggregate social media content; display RSS feeds; traffic and weather updates; all while advertising products and services. The very same digital display platforms can also be used to stream videos about products and services and to also help drive overall brand messaging. This technology also creates a new avenue of customer engagement and for marketing teams, it allows for additional feedback strategies. Aside from gaining insights into the products and services directly from customers who have experienced it for themselves, digital platforms allow customers to give feedback instantaneously.

The web, with constantly increasing bandwidth availability and decreasing data usage costs, has contributed considerably in levelling the playing fields; in that the digital highway is more open and easily accessible to pretty much, everyone. VPN and security technologies are giving smaller enterprises the opportunity to market and advertise securely in the same space as corporates and fortune 500 companies. If you’re interested in playing in this space, let us know, we can tailor a solution for you.


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