One Size Doesn’t Fit All

“Cinderella may have proven that a change of shoes can change your life, but the moral of the story is that one size certainly does not fit all.” The Marketing Guru
Media Bandits Blog - One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Stepping into the digital domain for many small to medium enterprises is a foot forward, but the question begs, is it a step in the right direction? Whether it’s starting with a low (no?) cost set up of a Facebook page, or other social media account, or getting your own web page, everybody, including that aunty who does those awesome samosas, is getting digital. For the SMME, the biggest fear/holdback (& where fingers get burnt) is uncertainty over costs and value for money in hiring in digital expertise.

Digital traffic for SMMEs is normally push marketing, starting with friends & family liking & sharing your online profiles within their social groups, (ineffective!!!) and that’s where it often stops. Much of the time, energy and resources spent on developing web content, social media posts and visual (DIGITAL) material (pictures, photos, graphics, logos, taglines, banners etc.) is basically sitting shelved and collecting dust. An effective and efficient use of these resources (yes, they are resources – your business paid for them and it’s part of your inventory) is to parade them on other digital platforms.

Deriving maximum benefit and return on investment, effective use of your digital resources entails a balanced utilisation mix across as many feasible digital platforms that your advertising and marketing budgets allow you too. Often overlooked by SMMEs are the digital platforms available through digitally LAN (Local Area-Based Networked) marketing opportunities within their geographic footprint. Digital platforms, such as screen time at the local superette, for the local upholsterer or novelty baker. is as cost effective and cost efficient spend of advertising spend (when compared with the cost and effectiveness of advertising in the local tabloids), as it is for a national brand advertising on satellite TV channels.

The challenge (read fear of spending) for the SMME is not so much the Rand value to be spent, but rather, whether there is derived value for every rand spent. Many SMME’s first venture into digital often ended up in disappointment and failure, and as a result, they are, rightly so, hesitant and sceptical in investing further spend in digital marketing and advertising. What they require is not just a fancy solution, but the confidence to trust in the digital service providers’ knowledge, capacity, capability and mastery of the digital space. But more importantly, it’s up to the Masters of the (digital) Universe to be able to understand the client, their needs, objectives and goals; and be able to tailor a digital package and solution that is:

  1. Simple to understand
  2. Logical, effective and well planned
  3. Easy on the pocket
  4. Providing a good, measurable return on investment

For these four goals to be achieved (with the right balance; and thus), allowing the second attempt at digital marketing to become an effective marketing tool for the SMME; the digital dudes need to be able to demonstrate not only and understanding of digital technology, but also an understanding of the fundamental and underlying principles of business marketing in general. The success in our clients’ digital marketing programs, are due in large to the variety of the skillset of our management team. With expertise in sales, marketing (yes, they are different!), business development, software solutions and hardware management, we are able to develop digital solutions that will allow you to find your “glass slipper and happily ever after”, somewhere out there…


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