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digital marketing

When you see Media Bandits, see a digitally based platform provider giving you HD advertising solutions at high volume (foot & traffic), high impact, target-audience based locations. Our concepts and service offerings focus not only on digital advertising, but on target based DIGITAL MARKETING – leveraging maximum potential from your brand and resources, that ultimately and directly increase your bottom line.

Our team looks beyond the pretty pictures and the snazzy outputs. Our inhouse expertise can customise and tailor a solution that aligns with your marketing goals. We can achieve this utilising our inhouse resources that include key specialists in:







Consumers, across the entire economic spectrum are so much more exposed to digital media than ever before, and that trend is on a constant upward curve. Business marketing and advertising strategies are harnessing this trend; and the market is turning towards outside (inside) the (digital display) box solutions that promotes the brand, incorporates advertising and unlocks the revenue potential of digital advertising. Overall, the main benefit of digital display advertising is that it is a unique, efficient, attractive and cost-effective way to broadcast your message. It allows a large audience to be exposed and re-enforced to your brand as well as get exposure to your offerings.