Our retail solution is a customised and tailored digital offering to retail brands that leverages high volume (foot & traffic), high impact, target-audience based locations into a convergence for brand, products and promotions, across the retail brand’s spectrum. Retail solutions include multiple site, multiple screen, multiple medium advertising formats that are controlled in real time, allowing the greatest flexibility in content and customised sales, advertising and marketing offerings.

Digital displays in the retail space are an unobtrusive subliminal medium that are the ideal platform to challenge the perceived concept of wait time as waste time. As a media platform, it is perfectly and cost effectively positioned to make the overall customer experience more favourable when screens are strategically located. It also utilises dwell time at the point of display, improving your overall customer digital view time.

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Forecourt solutions utilises the high visibility and geo-based, LSM based customer base as the basis for a marketing solution that can be converted to a passive revenue generation stream while simultaneously growing the site brand awareness, site based sales offerings and add-on services. Our forecourt solutions can also be directly integrated into the site retail facility’s sales and marketing strategy and also grow into a geo-based community advertising portal that further supplements the passive revenue generation stream.

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Our mall offerings are customised and tailored to suit various size, type and arrangements of Malls from the smaller, focussed, area-based malls, to the large regional shopping hubs. We focus our mall strategy to not only provide a suitable package for the mall, but also to ensure that tenant benefits are included in the overall solution. Technology integration and sales & marketing solutions integrate a cross spectrum of technologies including:

Digital Displays | Touch Screens | Video Walls| 3 D Image Projections | Digital Building Wraps

Apart from effective and smart use of digital display technologies, our marketing teams focus considerably on placement, utilising entrances, void spaces, lifts, parking lots etc to ensure maximum targeted exposure, considering dwell time, movement and other consumer behaviour factors when developing a mall solution for you.

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Outdoor solutions can be tailored to suit almost any budget and any requirement.

Our unique and “out of the box” approach in data analysis and solution development is primarily based on the unique manner that we approach and analyse market information. This allows us to develop an insight that is both creative and cost-effective, which in turn provides comprehensive, insightful solutions based both on the landscape and target audiences. Our emphasis on customer trend analysis is informed and achieved by a detailed study of both quantitative and qualitative data sources. The nett effect, or output is fettered with cutting edge software and the latest technological solutions, bringing you out of the box, off the charts, on the billboard campaigns and exposure that gives you the best rand spend-return ration in digital brand growth, marketing, and advertising. We are able to offer outdoor digital services that include:

Gantries | Billboards | Building Wraps | Transits | Street Furniture

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