customised & tailored for clients who are looking at

high-impact digital advertising

Our solution platform introduces to the world of digital marketing and advertising a unique digital display advertising concept that is structured and costed in a manner that allows and affords everybody, from a small home-based start-up right through to a Fortune 500 company, the ability and capacity to advertise in the same space, with the same quality adverts at the same price. Our cost effective #DigiAds solutions is the new preferred platform for cross spectrum, LSM targeted-digital advertising that serves and services the widest possible advertiser base; across the widest possible product & service range – on a single digital platform.

Our #DigiAds services are customised and tailored for clients who are looking at high-impact digital advertising in high-traffic areas. To this end we are able to offer, through our screen services:

Media Bandits - Solutions - Static Ads

Static Digital Ads

Single Image (HD Full Colour) digital billboard with scheduled rotation through screens & time slots. Images are projected in specific (eg 1-minute) time units. Use your own images or allow us to create your digital billboards.

Media Bandits - Solutions - Slideshow

Animated Digital Ads

Multi Image Animated (HD Full Colour) digital “slideshow” type ads with rotation through screens & time slots. We offer in-house production services where we can create the ads for you.

Media Bandits - Solutions - Video

Video Ads

HD Full Colour video advertising with rotation through screens & time slots.
Digital Placement Management: It’s not just about placing an ad. The idea is to optimise your spend/exposure ratio by planning your scheduling across key time-slots and number of screens to maximise your brand impact.

Retail Solutions - Media Bandits

Retail solutions

Our retail solution is a customised and tailored digital offering to retail brands that leverages high volume.

Forecourt Solutions

Forecourt solutions utilises the high visibility and geo-based, LSM based customer base as the basis for a marketing solution that can be converted to a passive revenue generation stream…

Forecourt Solutions - Media Bandits
Mall Solutions - Media Bandits

Mall Solutions

Our mall offerings are customised and tailored to suit various size, type and arrangements of Malls from the smaller, focussed, area-based malls, to the large regional shopping hubs.

Outdoor Solutions

Our unique and “out of the box” approach in data analysis and solution development is primarily based on the unique manner that we approach and analyse market information.

Outdoor Solutions - Media Bandits